When Should You Pawn Or Sell at a Pawn Shop?

Just like any Pawn Shop around New York City, Major Pawn offers its customers the option to either pawn an item or sell it. Pawning means you can redeem it once you have the money to pay us back. Selling it means you get instant cash but we keep your item for good. So how do you know if you should pawn or sell us your item?

How Pawning Works

If you wish to pawn us valuable possessions such as gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, coins, and watches, here are the steps you will have to take. Bring in your item to any one of our shops located throughout Queens,Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the nearby areas. You can find a full list of our branches and their addresses on our website.


Once there, one of our expert staff will assess its value to determine your loan amount.  The term of our loans is 4 months at 3% interest rate per month.  This means that you can claim your item any time within the 4 month period after you have paid the principal loan plus the accumulated interest.Pawn

You can claim your item by simply presenting your white pawn ticket that we gave you during the initial transaction.  It is advisable for you to phone us beforehand if you intend to pick up your item so we can have it ready for you when you drop by.   You can find our contact numbers on your ticket as well as on our website.

If you are unable to pay off your loan within 4 months, you can extend your loan for up to 4 more months by paying the finance charges. Just make sure to do this before the expiration of the contract or else the pawn shop has the right to keep your item for good. You can also decide not to pay off your loan. You are by no means obligated to come back for your item.

How Selling Works

Basically, after the assessment of your item’s value, you will be given instant cash upfront.  You will not be charged additional interest rates. This also means you will not be able to come back for your item.Pawn

Now that you know the difference between pawning and selling, you can already decide which option to take.  The choice is really up to you and would depend on a number of factors.  Consider the following:

When You Should Pawn


Personal value Usually, gold and other kinds of jewelry have a strong sentimental value to the owners. If you have a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family, then you should definitely pawn it instead of selling.

Bigger cash amount Generally speaking, you can get more cash from pawning. Pawning has a lower risk to a pawn shop because we do not have to worry about reselling the item.

Reuse your item If you come back for your item, you can use it again to secure loans in the future. You do not have a limit on how many times you can pawn it as long as you keep coming back for it every time.

Appreciating items Gold, jewelry, and some watches are things that increase in value over time. If you hold on to them, you can use them as collateral to get higher loans as the years pass.

When You Should Sell

No personal value If you have something that you can live without, has no sentimental value, and you will not miss, then you should consider selling.

Instant cash By selling an item, we will give you instant money on the spot with no additional charges. You can be on your way with cash in hand in a matter of minutes.

No obligation Some people prefer to sell because they don’t want to worry about paying off another loan. They don’t have to pay off any interest rates either. They just want a fair deal that will get them cash in exchange for their item.

Whether you choose to pawn or sell, you can be assured that with NYC Major Pawn Shop, you will get the right amount of money, a no-hassle transaction, and an experience that will make you a returning customer.

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We at Majorpawn.com providing instant cash, you can buy or sell your pawn items. For more details contact to us.

Convenient Online Ordering Process For Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards are now popular around the world. With its convenience and significance in identification purposes, people need to understand how it is obtained. Many of the websites today offer ordering process on the web. Hence, it is still important that you are working with a reliable site with reasonable rates offered. So, we are here to help you make the buying experience more enjoyable and simple.

With wholesale lanyards available on the site, you can easily get what you exactly need. From free design and color matching, shipping, custom text and logos, to free attachment. We cover everything you need in order to help you quickly receive your order in perfect shape. All you have to do is tell us about how many lanyards you need and what it should precisely look like so we can start your order.

How To Order Online

Badge LanyardsBut if you want to order custom badge lanyards, we also have the perfect solution for you. By designing your own lanyards, we can mass produce and provide you with the exact number you need. Our state-of-the-art facilities actually support our mass production goals. With a lanyard builder technology, we are always able to deliver timely orders in a more convenient manner no matter where you are in the US.

The following are the specific types of lanyards we currently offer to our online customers:

• Polyester lanyards

• Tubular lanyards

• Woven lanyards

• Nylon lanyards

• Dye sublimated lanyards

The polyester type is in fact the most popular one among the other types. When it comes to shoestring style, the tubular lanyard will never let you down. For woven text and logos, woven lanyards are what customers pick. But if you simply want to have quality and shiny material, the nylon one is for you. Last but not the least among the options is the dye sublimated lanyards. They have photos and full color to enjoy particularly when it comes to modish approach.

For rush orders, you can also request through our customer service hotline or kindly place an order on our site. Our USA-made badge lanyards are guaranteed with ultimate quality and style to help picky customers find what they’ve been looking for. Our brand is mostly chosen by students, security staff, and web visitors due to the convenience it provides them.

Benefits Of Using Lanyards

Through the help of custom lanyards, you can effectively promote your brand and bring identity in elegant cords. Whether you need it for your keys, membership cards, personal items, IDs and badges, we will give you lanyards that can be used in the long run. In fact, badge lanyards are now an important part of any organization across the globe. It conveniently gives identity to businesses and associations with comfortable to wear cords.
ID LanyardsWe actually offer wholesale lanyards to meet your needs and expectations. With the right price, style, printing, and material, you are sure to get the perfect lanyard you need for your organization and campaigns. This is actually one of the best ways to promote your unique brand and gain recognition from your target market. So, let your name be seen and known for business recognition with quality lanyards that we make.

Why Order With Us

Our customers take advantage of stylish lanyards they can use during trade shows, conferences, corporate events, and in many other activities. Others use it as giveaways during company activities while some would wear it for identification purposes. You can choose from cell phone lanyard, key ring lanyard, ID lanyard, or badge lanyards to suit your needs. For more details, you may contact us and get free quotes.

Looking to find your reliable badge holder and lanyard? Look no further, we are here to help you get what you want. Whether for school, workplace or organization, lanyards are the best and most convenient way to secure IDs and badges all the time.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Playing Golf Now

To some people, golf doesn’t appeal as a promising sport because it calls for a specific field to be able to practice, and requires a lot of lavish sports equipment. Conversely, this sport also serves as a very productive sport to all golf enthusiasts. Playing this sport also doesn’t have to be costly because Taylormade golf offers affordable deals on everything golf related.

Here are some of the other biggest reasons why you need to start playing golf now.

1. It sharpens your creativity

Playing golf involves a lot of imagination from the player. Just as how billiard players devise a way to shoot their targets, it might also require you to think thoroughly for unique tactics to improve your scoreboard.

2. Golf can be a very competitive sport for those who are pursuing professional golf

However, it can also be the best form of leisure activity. Playing golf has been proven to reduce stress in people. With the scenic view that can be enjoyed with playing, it also helps the body release endorphins. It naturally improves a person’s mood.

3. Playing golf requires coordination and focus from the player

GolfBy thinking about ways to hit a good strike, this sport can be a way to pump up blood circulation in the brain. It mobilizes the nerve cells and prevents brain problems in elderlies.

4. Since it is an outdoor sport, playing golf also gives you your regular dose of Vitamin D

This vitamin from the sun is indispensable for the regulation of calcium in the bones. It also improves skin cells.

5. Spending time in a golf course can also earn you some new social circles

Whether you’re playing with your old buddies or new found friends, golf is a good way to improve socialization.

6. A study claims that playing golf would prolong life by a few years

This sport can be very calming while requiring your brain to devise techniques. This hand in hand synchronization can improve outlook and overall health.

7. Playing golf is an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise

By going through miles of green hills and grasses, this brisk walking helps you burn calories and improve heart condition. Just try not to ride a cart while playing to get maximum cardio benefits.

8. Apart from the coordination and imagination, playing gold would also improve visual capacity

By looking at distant areas and eyeing target spaces, the visual periphery also gets regular exercise.

9. Golf equipment and tools are not necessarily expensive

Taylormade GolfIn Rockbottom golf, all accessories come at a discounted price. All club types, including wood, iron and putter are high quality, especially those from Taylormade golf. The clubs are made from quality metal and alloy that provides maximum performance for both novice and expert players. Taylormade golf also offers hand gloves made from innovative materials. They exhibit unique features like CoolMax technology and Lycra. They also have functional golf bags that can suit every need of all golfers.

10. Above all, golf allows you to be fashionable since it doesn’t require much rigorous movements

You can wear practically anything comfortable. Most gofers wear visors and caps as trademark accessory. Taylormade golf offers adjustbale hats at affordable prices.

Once you have decided to give golf a shot, you can find everything you need from Rockbottom golf. From towels, head covers, bags, clubs, hats and even glove covers, you can easily browse through their site. They offer 50% discount on clearance items and provide free shipping. This is the best site to shop all golf accessories because they cover almost all premiere brands when it comes to golf. You can purchase Taylormade products from their site and get big discounts for orders with higher quantities.

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Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the top discount golf retailers in the world. Our core philosophy is to provide golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf equipment.Taylormade golf rules the particular tour with Taylormade golf drivers and Taylormade golf fairway woods.

Customizing your Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have several different uses. It can be used to appreciate and reward your employees for their outstanding performance and it can also be a piece of token to commemorate an important event.

Here are some tips to take note in designing your custom made coins:

The Purpose of the Challenge Coins

Challenge coinConsider where you will be using the coins that you want to design. It is important to consider why you are making a design for your coins. It must be clear first if it will be used for soldiers or military men. Will it be used to reward your top sales performers? Will it be given as a souvenir for party?

If the coins will be used for a company event, decide if it will be nice to include the logo in the design. The name of the event may be engraved in the coin as well. Take note to keep the design formal and simple.
If the coin is for a party, consider the kind of party as you make the design for your challenge coin. If the coin is for a sports team, you may include the logo and the team’s color. If the coin is for a group of soldiers, it would be nice to engrave the insignia of the unit.

The Right Shape

Choose the right shape for your coin. Challenge coins are not only limited to round shapes. You may customize the shape and size. Some coins are heart-shaped while others are like flowers. Be creative!

Your Budget

Consider your budget in designing your coins. You must have a clear budget for your coins. Different designs and materials used may also mean different cost. You have to know how much you are willing to pay for your coins. If your budget is limited, then you may opt to go with simple designs. If you have a lot of money, then you can go limitless with the design and materials for your coins.

The Design

Sketch your design first. To give an idea to your manufacturer, it is best to have a sketch of your coin design on a sheet of paper. Your manufacturer can then make the first draft for your coin. Through this, they can also give ideas and suggestions to make your coin look better.

The Edge Design

Show your creativity and make your coin one of a kind by deciding on a great edge design for your challenge coins. The edge design option allows you to choose your coins to have different edge cut such as a diamond-cut edge, a rope-cut edge, or a flat edge. You can opt for the coin edge to have a different finish from its body. For example, a gold coin can have a silver-finished edge, or the other way around. This is possible if you go for the dual plating option.

Metal Used

Although coins are commonly made of brass, you can still choose to have them made of a different type of metal. People who wants to have highly valuable coins made especially for an important event, most frequently prefer to have these coins made out of gold.

Enamel Finish

The type of finishing used for the coins gives you another option for you to have your customized coin a more unique look. Basically, there are two types of enamel finishing available for you to choose from namely the hard and soft enamel finishing. However, most people go for the hard enamel finishing. This is because this type of finishing gives the coins a smoother appearance.


Plating is one of the most important characteristics of the challenge coins. This option gives you the opportunity to choose how you would want the outer covering of your coin should appear. You could choose from various plating options available such as highly polished gold, silver, or bronze. You can also give your coins a more vintage look by opting for the antique gold, silver, or bronze plating.

Standard Size and Weight Variance

Most in demand coin sizes range from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. Larger sizes can also be made such as a 4.5-inch coin. Some may think that this size is too large for a challenge coin and could really be heavy to carry around. Nevertheless, a large-sized coin makes an extraordinary show piece or car badge.

Another important aspect when ordering for a custom challenge coin is the correct coin weight. The weight of the coin also depends on its size. A 1.5-inch coin weighs approximately about 1 ounce, whereas the weight of a 2-inch coin ranges about 1.5 to 1.6 ounces.

It is usually perceived that the heavier the coin, the more valuable it gets. However, it is still more reasonable to base the size and weight of your coins to where and how you will use them.

If you want business coins, we can recreate your corporate logo, symbol or text in stunning detail. Whatever style you need, we can supply  challenge coins to meet it.

SEO: Why It Is a Must for Every Business

More and more companies are seeking a highly effective marketing strategy. This is because as a business grows, facing greater competition will become far more inevitable, especially if you are in New York. Staying on the top and gaining advantage over them is important in order to stay in business and to successfully grow a company even in such places where the competition is tough. Fortunately, there is something that can help a company become more profitable. This is through the help of Search Engine Optimization. Find out how New York SEO can expand the market that your business can reach. It is important to learn and understand how it works so you can get the best out of it.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEOSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is done to make a website more visible online. There are various ways to execute it. Through New York SEO, a website can climb the ranking of Search Engine Results Page or SERP. This can make the website more popular regardless of how new it is in its industry. In connection to that, a business will be able to reach more potential clients and become more successful by applying New York SEO. This process is done through posting write-ups about the business on the article directories.

What Should an Article Contain?

On the articles, companies can have the chance of introducing the products and services that they offer. With that in mind, it is important to remember that these articles must contain the essential details that the clients must know. It is like advertising their products or services but in a more informative way. Aside from that, these articles must also have the keywords related to the business, its products and services. Keywords are highly important since they determine how easy a website can be found on the search engines such as Google. This is the reason why they have to be carefully chosen. This is also one of the important things you have to consider when looking for a New York SEO service provider.

SEO BusinessThe posted articles and the keywords are the ones responsible for the SERP ranking of a website. The more articles a website has on other article directories, the higher its SERP ranking could be but of course, this depends on the ranking of your competitors as well. If you have a website, you have to keep in mind that there are similar websites or online businesses that might have more articles. For your website to climb the SERP ranking, each of the articles you post must also be back linked to the website of your business. There are cases when it is hard to reach or even be on the top of the competition especially if your competitor already has lots of articles back linked to her website. This is where you will need an experienced New York SEO company that can help you. Though there is tough competition in New York SEO, you still have the chance to be on the leading edge if you choose the best company that can give you real results.

How It Can Affect a Business

There are various reasons why a business needs to have a lot of articles floating on the internet.

Here are some of them:

1.  Introduction

A lot of people tend to research about a product or service first before they avail any of it. A business will not be known automatically so it is important to write details about it. This way, it will be introduced to the people around the world. More people will be able to know about the business if it has a lot of articles posted on different article directories. Aside from that, a company will have the chance to brag about its advantages and why people should opt for what it offers on those articles.

2.  More Online Visibility

If you want a lot of people to learn about your business, then you will need to post a lot of write-ups on different article directories. Through this, you will be able to reach more potential customers.

3.  High SERP Ranking

Websites that are displayed on the top of Search Engine Results Page or SERP are the ones that most people visit first. If they are convinced about the offers of that business, then the other online businesses that are next on the SERP list will not have the chance of introducing themselves. A higher SERP ranking simply means more website visitors and more potential clients.

If you want to be on the leading edge, SEO can surely serve you well. Through its help, you will be able to be on the top of the industry that your business is in. By following the tips you have learned here, you can be sure that your products and services will be introduced to the public well and that you can get the best results of New York SEO. This marketing strategy can be the most important partner you can have in making your business grow. If ever you get the feeling that you already need to make your business more profitable, our New York SEO services will always be available to help you reach your goals. It is undeniably one of the best things you can do for your business.

The Different Styles of Silicon Wristbands

The use of silicon wristbands started during the early 2000s and these accessories are still making waves up to today. More and more people, whether young or old, male or female, find these wristbands not only fashionable as accessories but also effective as tools to relay their messages. Widely used during sports festivals, political campaigns, concerts, and even during family gatherings, these silicon wristbands are bound to be more popular in the coming years.

When you want to order silicon wristbands for whatever occasions you are going to need them, first learn the different types of these wristbands and what occasions they would fit best.

1.Debossed wristbands.

Silicone WristbandThese are great for intimate occasions such as family gatherings or reunions. They are also popularly used as friendship bands. The message or name you want to be imprinted is molded but there is no color added to it. For others to see what is written on it, a closer look would be required. This gives this style the exclusivity feeling. The debossed wristband is also a good option for raising funds. Why? First, it is the most economical style so you would not spend so much when you order them. Second, most donors usually prefer not much fanfare or flashiness to proclaim their financial support. These simple wristbands would send the message that they are well appreciated without causing awkwardness on their part.

2.Debossed Painted wristbands.

When you want your silicon wristbands to be more attention grabbing, have the molded letters filled with colors. They are sure to be read even when you are not intentionally showing them to others. These would be great for campaigns. The political party or person you are campaigning for is bound to be remembered by the voters. This is the principle of memory retention. The more one sees a particular thing or message, the longer it would stay on the mind. That is why, this style would also be useful as promotional items for product launching, grand opening of businesses or whatever it is you need to promote. As with debossed wristbands, these are also economical and effective.

3.1” Fat Wristband.

When you want the world (or maybe, just the people around you) to know your message, use this type of wristband. This type is great for concerts. It’s a bold way of showing your support and admiration to your favorite singer or band. Fat silicon wristbands are great for sports festivals, too. Let the team you are rooting for see your support and cheers with these wristbands. Of course, this style of wristband is most effective when you are fighting for a cause. The message would be sent loud and clear to the intended recipients with these big and bold lettered wristbands. You would definitely be heard, even when you are not saying a thing. Your fat wristband would be the one to relay your message.

4.Micro wristband.

This style definitely fits the description of small but terrible. Though these silicon wristbands are just half the size of the regular wristbands but their appeal and attractiveness are not in any way, affected. The silkscreen process is used in printing the text or logo in these micro wristbands so it is guaranteed to be read even at this size. This style would also be great for family gatherings or small parties. Churchgoers would also appreciate these simple wristbands to promote their activities. Why? This style is not loud but it can adequately deliver the intended message.

5.Swirled wristbands.

These beautiful two or three colored wristbands are sure to attract the creative and the trendsetters. This would be appropriate for concerts and parties as these wristbands denote having fun and being carefree.

Design your own Silicon wristbands with the-Wristband-Factory.com

Three Major Changes in the Funeral Service Industry

If your concept of funeral services is still all-gloomy, all-bleak, and all-boring, then you have gotten yourself stuck at the traditional principles that people and funeral businesses are starting to eradicate these days.

This does not necessarily mean that funerals now are fun – No! They have just gotten more sophisticated, interesting, and simply, different. So what are these changes exactly? Read on to find out.

The Emergence of the ‘Green Funerals’

Funeral servicesThe application of the Green concept is not only directed to basic consumerism and lifestyles. It is now among the growing trend in the funeral industry; thus, the green concept is often reflected in the choice of plan, services, and products that a person aims to use in the entire funeral. As this principle becomes more and more evident, funeral home owners also cram to apply into the services they offer.

Being green-conscious is possible when offering funeral services through the following options:

1. The choice of biodegradable and non-toxic caskets

2. The use of locally-grown/produced flowers

3. The choice of organic food for post-funeral service gathering

4. Embalming of the body using products that are formaldehyde-free

5. Carpooling when necessary

6. The choice of natural or green burial site

7. The choice of natural rocks as markers instead of headstones

The acceptance of green funerals is expected to increase in the next few years. As a consequence, funeral homes are also becoming ecologically conscious these days. Directors are also becoming more receptive to the idea, especially when the number of people supporting green concepts is growing every day.

Funeral industry offers a new breed mortuary professionals

Many years ago, funeral service providers were considered mostly ‘family-businesses’, which were commonly passed on from one generation to another. Then it became a male-dominated industry where directors were mostly men. However, the face of mortuary professionals is starting to change. People who have chosen to work in the industry are also starting to find it rewarding.

It has been revealed that the majority of graduates from these mortuary schools in the United States are women. There is now growing number of female funeral directors as compared to 2-3 decades ago. Many owners of the funeral home business are beginning to appreciate women as directors due to their high sense of compassion, ability to comfort people, and high level of communication skills. Their incomparable organizational skills and the innate penchant for event planning are also becoming an advantage. There are also individuals who have chosen this industry as their source of second career opportunity.

Satisfying conumer needs with the use of technology

People use technology all the time and in different forms. The heavy dependence on the Internet is one of the primary reasons why technology is applied even in funeral services. The use of technology can be fundamentally seen in the use of cyberspaces or websites to make their presence felt online. Said websites allow the funeral homes to demonstrate their range of products and services. It is also possible to send inquiries and requests via these online platforms.

Funeral homes are also becoming open to the idea of ‘live streaming or live broadcast’ of events that happen during the wake or eulogies. Such flexibility can also offer distant friends and relatives the chance to partake in the service even just virtually.The events can also be videotaped and recorded on DVDs as a very important keepsake for the families.

The funeral industry is still deemed very conservative by many. However, changes are inevitable and so are the attitude of people towards death and the celebration of life. These can certainly give the traditional funeral services some makeover.

The Etching Methods of PCB Fabrication

One of the methods performed for PCB fabrication is etching. It is the chemical process of taking out the excess copper from the plated board. A mask should be placed in order to avoid removing the parts of the copper that need to stay after the etching process. These parts that stay on the plated board are the remnants that hold electric current between the devices.

In PCB fabrication, there are various techniques to prepare the plated board before going through the etching process:

1. Direct Draw

The direct draw etching technique makes use of a resist pen to manually draw the circuit. It may also utilize dry transfers or specialty tapes where the users can layout their circuit traces right onto the board’s copper surface. The pen method depends on the water resistant attribute of the ink and the imperviousness of the plastic tapes both prevent the etchant from reaching the copper underneath. Thus, aside from the copper around the layout, all are etched away. This is actually the fastest method of transferring a circuit pattern to the plated board. The downside of this technique, however, is that it is hard to accurately place the traces, particularly when IC packages are used in the design. In addition, because the ink does not apply evenly, there is a threat that the traces are going to be etched away considering that the etchant can reach the copper. Making a mistake would mean having to start all over again. This is why direct draw method can only utilized to make super simple, low-definition printed circuit boards.

2. Photographic

Most professionals recommend this etching method for PCB fabrication. In this process, a board is coated with a resist substance that sets up whenever subjected to Ultra Violet light. To be able to produce this kind of board, the user need to create a positive ultra violet translucent artwork film of the opaque layout where a circuit trace should appear, and clear where a circuit trace should not appear. As soon as the positive photo film is constructed from the artwork, stick it onto the refined board, and expose it to the ultraviolet light. This light passes through the clear sections of the film and programs the photo resist. Then, immerse the board into a special fluid that develops the film and take out the refined photo resist. The remaining resist takes the form of the artwork that presents the circuit. The good thing about this approach is that it is more accurate and the traces are neat. Plus, the artwork film can be reused again and again to produce more boards.
Pcb fabricationIt is definitely impossible to obtain a good quality board without having good artwork. For this reason, it is crucial to attain the best quality possible during this period. To be able to achieve this, it is essential to have a clear sharp picture with an incredibly solid unintelligible opaque black.

These days, PCB fabrication artwork will, more often than not, be drawn using either an appropriate sketching or graphics package, or a unique printed circuit board CAD program.

The artwork should be printed in such a way that the printed side comes in contact with the surface of the PCB when exposing. This is to prevent getting blurry edges. In practice, this signifies that if the user makes a design for the board as viewed from the opposite side, the solder side layer needs to be printed the ‘right’ way round. The top side, on the other hand, of the double-sided board should be printed in a mirror manner. The quality of the artwork in PCB fabrication is extremely influenced by both the media used as well as the output device.

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We ship PCB Prototypes the Same Day! INSTANT on-line quote and ordering. From prototype to production of single, double, and multilayer PC Boards.The equipment we use to assemble your boards and Pcb fabrication are of the highest caliber and leaders in the market.

Customizing the Graduation Sash

Graduation SashCustomizing your graduation sash is considered as a way of adding some personal touch to your gown uniform and your cap. This can also serve as a representation of your entire journey through your school along with the memories, accomplishment, and your newly found relationships. Creating an academic sash in remembrance of moments like these can make it a great keepsake that you can definitely cherish for the next years to come. Many of the companies that work in the field of sash customization will permit you to customize and order your academic stole online.

Initially, you have to look for a company that will allow you to place your order online for your graduation stole.  All you have to do is to use the search engines to look for the online companies that can offer you stole customization services.  Log in an official business website of your choice that caters to customizations of graduation sash.

You have to select your school color from the wide selection of graduation stoles. You may also choose from a varied selection of font style and thread color. The color of the thread is the shade that will be used to create the text.

Pick from a variety of stoles that you are interested to purchase online.  There are mainly three types of stoles to choose from. The types of stoles are classified according to the tip of both sides. These are the following: standard pointed ends, X-pointed ends, and fringed ends.

Select some modifications that you want for your academic sash.  If you have so many modifications in mind, you need not worry. You have two main sides of the sash to freely decorate. You may come up with a Greek themed stole to denote representation in an honors society, sorority, or fraternity. Also, you may include the symbols and the letters of the group on one of the sides. You may indicate this along with the graduation class year and the name of your group on the other side.

Add in a couple of famous or personal inspirational quotes on your stole using the tools provided by the website.  You may include the initials or the names of the people who have been instrumental in helping you graduate. You may even represent your achievements and your heritage. If you prefer, you can customize your graduation sash by adding in your nation’s colors and flag. Placing embroidery on it is also a great idea. You virtually have unlimited choices for academic stole customization.  Of course, your choice will have to comply with your school’s requirements.

Check out the entire appearance of the stole.  You need to have a preview of the entire graduation stole so you can be assured that the finished combination of designs is to your liking. Also, this will help ensure that you have not made any mistakes, as far as the customization and modifications are concerned. When you have all the details ironed out, you can already turn in your order.

These are just some of the things that you have to learn and understand about customizing your very own graduation sash. It is important to learn these things because you only have one chance at wearing your customized sash.  You want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in your sash.  You also want to get your sash in time for your sash.  You can save a lot of time, resources, and energy in customizing your own stole online.  You may even ask your friends to customize your academic stoles with you so you can make the activity something even more fun and memorable.