The Different Styles of Silicon Wristbands

The use of silicon wristbands started during the early 2000s and these accessories are still making waves up to today. More and more people, whether young or old, male or female, find these wristbands not only fashionable as accessories but also effective as tools to relay their messages. Widely used during sports festivals, political campaigns, concerts, and even during family gatherings, these silicon wristbands are bound to be more popular in the coming years.

When you want to order silicon wristbands for whatever occasions you are going to need them, first learn the different types of these wristbands and what occasions they would fit best.

1.Debossed wristbands.

Silicone WristbandThese are great for intimate occasions such as family gatherings or reunions. They are also popularly used as friendship bands. The message or name you want to be imprinted is molded but there is no color added to it. For others to see what is written on it, a closer look would be required. This gives this style the exclusivity feeling. The debossed wristband is also a good option for raising funds. Why? First, it is the most economical style so you would not spend so much when you order them. Second, most donors usually prefer not much fanfare or flashiness to proclaim their financial support. These simple wristbands would send the message that they are well appreciated without causing awkwardness on their part.

2.Debossed Painted wristbands.

When you want your silicon wristbands to be more attention grabbing, have the molded letters filled with colors. They are sure to be read even when you are not intentionally showing them to others. These would be great for campaigns. The political party or person you are campaigning for is bound to be remembered by the voters. This is the principle of memory retention. The more one sees a particular thing or message, the longer it would stay on the mind. That is why, this style would also be useful as promotional items for product launching, grand opening of businesses or whatever it is you need to promote. As with debossed wristbands, these are also economical and effective.

3.1” Fat Wristband.

When you want the world (or maybe, just the people around you) to know your message, use this type of wristband. This type is great for concerts. It’s a bold way of showing your support and admiration to your favorite singer or band. Fat silicon wristbands are great for sports festivals, too. Let the team you are rooting for see your support and cheers with these wristbands. Of course, this style of wristband is most effective when you are fighting for a cause. The message would be sent loud and clear to the intended recipients with these big and bold lettered wristbands. You would definitely be heard, even when you are not saying a thing. Your fat wristband would be the one to relay your message.

4.Micro wristband.

This style definitely fits the description of small but terrible. Though these silicon wristbands are just half the size of the regular wristbands but their appeal and attractiveness are not in any way, affected. The silkscreen process is used in printing the text or logo in these micro wristbands so it is guaranteed to be read even at this size. This style would also be great for family gatherings or small parties. Churchgoers would also appreciate these simple wristbands to promote their activities. Why? This style is not loud but it can adequately deliver the intended message.

5.Swirled wristbands.

These beautiful two or three colored wristbands are sure to attract the creative and the trendsetters. This would be appropriate for concerts and parties as these wristbands denote having fun and being carefree.

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