Three Major Changes in the Funeral Service Industry

If your concept of funeral services is still all-gloomy, all-bleak, and all-boring, then you have gotten yourself stuck at the traditional principles that people and funeral businesses are starting to eradicate these days.

This does not necessarily mean that funerals now are fun – No! They have just gotten more sophisticated, interesting, and simply, different. So what are these changes exactly? Read on to find out.

The Emergence of the ‘Green Funerals’

Funeral servicesThe application of the Green concept is not only directed to basic consumerism and lifestyles. It is now among the growing trend in the funeral industry; thus, the green concept is often reflected in the choice of plan, services, and products that a person aims to use in the entire funeral. As this principle becomes more and more evident, funeral home owners also cram to apply into the services they offer.

Being green-conscious is possible when offering funeral services through the following options:

1. The choice of biodegradable and non-toxic caskets

2. The use of locally-grown/produced flowers

3. The choice of organic food for post-funeral service gathering

4. Embalming of the body using products that are formaldehyde-free

5. Carpooling when necessary

6. The choice of natural or green burial site

7. The choice of natural rocks as markers instead of headstones

The acceptance of green funerals is expected to increase in the next few years. As a consequence, funeral homes are also becoming ecologically conscious these days. Directors are also becoming more receptive to the idea, especially when the number of people supporting green concepts is growing every day.

Funeral industry offers a new breed mortuary professionals

Many years ago, funeral service providers were considered mostly ‘family-businesses’, which were commonly passed on from one generation to another. Then it became a male-dominated industry where directors were mostly men. However, the face of mortuary professionals is starting to change. People who have chosen to work in the industry are also starting to find it rewarding.

It has been revealed that the majority of graduates from these mortuary schools in the United States are women. There is now growing number of female funeral directors as compared to 2-3 decades ago. Many owners of the funeral home business are beginning to appreciate women as directors due to their high sense of compassion, ability to comfort people, and high level of communication skills. Their incomparable organizational skills and the innate penchant for event planning are also becoming an advantage. There are also individuals who have chosen this industry as their source of second career opportunity.

Satisfying conumer needs with the use of technology

People use technology all the time and in different forms. The heavy dependence on the Internet is one of the primary reasons why technology is applied even in funeral services. The use of technology can be fundamentally seen in the use of cyberspaces or websites to make their presence felt online. Said websites allow the funeral homes to demonstrate their range of products and services. It is also possible to send inquiries and requests via these online platforms.

Funeral homes are also becoming open to the idea of ‘live streaming or live broadcast’ of events that happen during the wake or eulogies. Such flexibility can also offer distant friends and relatives the chance to partake in the service even just virtually.The events can also be videotaped and recorded on DVDs as a very important keepsake for the families.

The funeral industry is still deemed very conservative by many. However, changes are inevitable and so are the attitude of people towards death and the celebration of life. These can certainly give the traditional funeral services some makeover.